Pro Brand Print  have a pad printing ink suitable for all kinds of applications, such as medical devices (Inks for marking medical devices, pharma (Edible ink, food, ecological (Exclude pollutioning components) cosmetic, automotive (Excludes certain components), promotional, apparel, electronic objects, sports equiment and toys (Exclude 19 components)).

Solvent ink is largely used as a commmon pad printing  ink. Our brands; Comec, Visprox, Marabu and PM, we handle a wide portafolio of printing inks depending on the material for print, we have inks for one or two components, water base, wáter jet, pad printing and cure uv ink use for glass for ceramic. Available in RAL, Pantone, CMYK and HKS reference support.

Our inks conform to the most common guidelines worldwide such as: EuPIA, GADSL, RoHS, EN 71/3, REACH, USP, CLASV1, CGMP, GAMP5, FDA. We have our tds and sds available for each case request in the industry.

A large ETP Engineering Plastics where you can print as: ABS, ASA, PET, PPCGF, PPT, PVC, PMMA, POM, PA, PC, PES, PC+ABS, SAN, TPE, TPU, TPS, soft touch coatings. Inks base solvent, cure UV or by application.

For example Satin finished, odorless, two components solvent based in for glass, for a second Surface, speed dry ink, elastic inks, excelente adherence, matt finish one component, gloss ink of one or two components, or uv cure resistance to weight support to put over something on.


Offer photopolymer cliches in laser graving, ceramic cliches or template Steel cliches, of different wides or large sizes depending on the volumen of production you need. We offer the service of revealed with our Blaze print plates.


Pad Printing Pad

A pad printing is the ink transfer mechanism in pad printing machine, the pad picks up the ink and transfers it to the product. A pad is a three dimensional object vaulted of silicone rubber. Pad printing pads vary in shape and diameter depending on the application. It is very important to choose the right pad printing pad and use it in the right way so a good print quality can be achieved. The type of silicone and hardness (durometer) of the pad depends upon the application. We offer pad printing pads with food-graded and FDA approved certifications. This can be necessary for industries such as: pharmaceutical, medical device or the food industry.

There are two standard types of silicone pad printing pads: 

1. Red: for machines with high capacity and for printing objects with smooth surfaces. These pad prints are suitable for pharmaceutical applications (FDA approved) and are available with a certificate.

2. Blue: these pad printing pads have the same quality as the red ones, but are anti-static for the optic or automotive industry.

Emulsions, frames, tights

We offer frames in aluminium or Steel in customize size. Also we can develop the frame you need with the tight you request. The frame, tight and emulsions are sold separately by request po.



The gummy material comes in different options of wide, height in Shore  “D”.

Screen Printing Supplies throughout Mexico and South America

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Photography Product or special pictures for your brand


Visual images are the correct communication that our eyes perceive and express what we want to offer of our brand through a striking image that communicates what we want to express.

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