Brand Marketing
Need help to have a brand and you don´t know where to start.

A Good Brand is the one you remember, mind brand, keeps in your mind. Humans are driven by visuals. What we see stays with us for a long time. High quality visuals are the key to make good first impressions.

The Trade mark of the brand is one time for 10 years and later you can refresh the rights, with an additional cost after this period one time expired.

• 250 Business cards, size 90x50mm, couché 350 gr., digital printed in colors only front, matte finished

• Include send by Fedex to your home or office in Mexico, International freight to be confirm.

• Finished process we depend on goverment review checked 8~12 weeks.

Combo 1 “Marca brand”

For professionals that care of brand and rights to start with right foot.


2 initial proposals and one to be modified till three times.


done in Adobe Illustrator.


1 Corporate Identity Manual.

In format CMYK pixel print in 300dpis


In RGB given in monocromatic, black and white in 72dpis


Oof study to get the brand, with professional legal assesment

1 Register of Brand in Mexico

1 logo registered in Mexico


The normal package price is for $22,000 mxp but buy now for a limit time you save $4,000 mxp with a Hot Sale Price for $18,000 mexican pesos, with iva tax included. All the package will be send in one shipment.

Machines & Supplies
This package seeks to stock up on all the products shown.

Write us an email we want to listen to your needs we will quoted you a complete combo to start from zero or to complete your current inventories.

This combo intents to supply you with all the products show on print page, as well technical assistance to keep working with our quality machines. e can deliver in less than one week supplies and for machines we are able to confirm model and inventory availability.

Write us and will send you a quotation.

Combo 2 “Machines & Supplies”

Combo 3 “Gerflor Vinyl Flooring Solutions”

fotografía profesional
Gerflor exclusiv Distributor for SLP
Discover our ranges of floor coverings

Brand of vinyl flooring with more than 70 years, thanks to it´s leadership in technical, decorative and eco responsability gives the add value.

  • Vinyl tiles for quick installing, 4 times faster than any other ESD tile.
  • The quick instalation and clean of dust regarding no need to prepare the surface.
  • The highest resistance to electric charges and dinamics of the market, build out to support heavy traffic.
  • Evercare treatment, patent international system with a uv seal in the product, to reduce costs and time for maintenance, which allows clean surfaces and avoid virus COVID-19.
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